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Yuntolovo – St. Petersburg, Russia


The overall mission of this study is to relaunch the Yuntolovo Project, stopped after the crisis of 2008, and to redefine the potentials of this area in order to define Yuntolovo Area of about 420 Ha as an attraction point for residential, public and tertiary uses with the creation of the necessary economical, technical and social infrastructure. The project should set new standards of quality for urban space and give an impulse for the development of this area in long terms conditions. In this way our work is focused on the following subjects:

1. The need that the new positioning of the project will acquire a complete and understandable concept for the consumer;

2. The need to identify the target audience of the project;

3. The way to situate the project stands out among other competitors;

The content devoted to study the Project context starts from a broad perspective, trying to understand the role of Saint Petersburg as part of the Baltic Sea Region. In this context of city networking versus action states alliance, the reinforcement of collaborative projects and new institutional frameworks will put on the table capital issues to be taken into consideration. This network aims to bring together initiatives in different sectors as well as promoting cooperative ties among a great bunch of stakeholder.

IN this way the Final Layout of the updated Masterplan for Yuntolovo area embodies the following key issues:

  •  To ensure that all services to make out of Yuntolovo a fully equipped city were taking into consideration in the design: trade, international schools, shops, malls, theaters, cinemas etc.
  • To create a safe and continuous network of Public spaces, where more than 12 km of bike lanes will be integrated.
  • To enhance the diversity of the architectural design and the development of different residential products.

1 st Prize International Competition


437 HA

3.014.501 m2

2014- Ongoing,


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