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Kommunarka – Moscow, Russia


The point of departure for the proposal is the standardized housing Block System as the guiding principle for the Masterplan. The so called Urban Block is the basic cell in which the modular city is composed. It establishes the differentiation between public and private domains, shaping the layout of the streets in accordance with human scale without handicapping car traffic.

In this way our proposal is originated from the superposition of two isotropic grids. Their orientation responds to optimal conditions of solar illumination and the integration of the existing surroundings. The use of a flexible orthogonal grid facilitates the optimal land use and allows promoting standardization and a dense city model. Once the structural network that originates the Masterplan is generated, the setting of residential blocks, public facilities and green spaces will generate the final layout.

Fundamentally the Urban Block is set as the basic element and the prime unit of the modular strategy. The basic module of 75×75 m had been analyzed as the most suitable proportion in order to fulfill the requirements of the construction of a real smart city:

  • It maintains a good performance considering sun exposure in average 9 stories, critical height considering maximum density and building efficiency.
  • About 250 – 300 apartments, optimal number for construction and commercial phasing furthermore creating balanced communities.
  • Generates a 50×50 m private courtyard, rather flexible open space for any kind of outdoor activities like sport, playgrounds, greenery – a human scale place fostering social life and commercial activities around.


38.25 HA

495.000 m2

2013- construction site ongiong,


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